If you are a decent-comedy fan and love watching humor with lessons, you must have watched the movie “The Castle.” 


“A Man’s Home Is His Castle,” is one of the most iconic lines from this legendary movie. 


It’s been two and a half decades since this movie was released on the big screen and over the years, we have been watching and loving the theme followed by this iconic movie. 

At FAYVO, we are never limited to any single genre when it comes to good watch-lists, comedy series, and friendship movies, but we are always finding the best of the bests for you. For this reason, we are here once again with one of the most-loved family movies, “The Castle.” 

It is directed by Rob Sitch, who gave us comic treasures like "The Full Monty" and "Waking Ned Devine.” He always focuses on characters that present glorious eccentricity. When talking about the plot, it is a happy film. The Kerrigans may be the most appreciative, proudest and happiest family you'd ever see on the TV. Their Dad has a prosperous tow truck business. Also, they have Steve, the ‘idea man,’ who specializes in fitting tools together. We see Tracy, who is the only college graduate (from beauty school), and lastly, the narrator of the family, called Dale.


Well, the plot may seem very usual and you may be thinking, what was it about The Castle that connected so strongly with critics and audiences? 

Let’s read about the reasons why it is still the best Australian movie. 


#1: About the Stereotypes

The movie teaches us about breaking stereotypes. They talk about the working-class people and highlight their strengths. We get the clear message of not judging people solely on appearances.



#2: The Little Tokens of Love

For the Kerrigans family, the effort, intentions, and love behind the gift matter more. It's not so much about the present, but the love that is put into it. This shows the true happiness and bonding in a family, which is a lovely sentiment. At the end of the day, they give and receive gifts to make each other feel special. 


#3: The Real Aussie Culture

There are very few Australians films who actually show us the real culture. That’s why, not many people in the world know about the actual values, but ‘The Castle’ has made a cultural impact. It is all because of its ability to convey language, identity and culture representation. 


#4: Immigrant? You Can Relate!

One major reason to watch “The Castle” in 2022 is its relatable events with the immigrants. The dialogues are hilarious and filled exclusively with Australian expressions, common terms and cultural references.  to understand why it's a must-watch for immigrants. This movie is also one of the most recommended movies by students. The relatability is all we love about it. 


#5: The Lovely Dialogues

The movie gives us many awe-inspiring dialogues and lines. Meaning that even if you’ve never watched this Australian classic, still you may have heard, or even quoted, one of the movie’s iconic lines. They are super-popular and amazing.

19 Of The Best Quotes From The Castle


#6: The Happiness!

It is one funny family movie keeping the balance of entertainment and drama. The Castle is a complete package of Aussie family charm that teaches us to value family life. It easily explains how to be present in the moment and celebrate even the smallest of wins. The Kerrigans family appreciates even the smallest of things. Whether it's being proud of his son digging a hole or showering his wife with endless compliments about her cooking and craft projects. We see Darryl's attitude towards life as a wonderful reminder to praise the little efforts of people around us.

Why The Castle is the most wholesome Aussie film of all time - 9Celebrity

Credits: Celebrity Nine


#7: Together, we are Stronger

‘The Castle’ reminds us to never give up in difficult times. The family has been shown sticking together in the adversities, no matter how huge the obstacles seem.


#8: A Must-Watch with Familia!

As a whole, if you are looking for some really touching feel-good movies, stream this movie. It has a heartwarming story, full of very ordinary characters with good hearts and pure intentions — which is what makes them so relatable to working-class Australians.

Credits: Senses of Cinema