After the total unexpected years 2020-2021, we got to see very weird fashion trends. With online meetings, work from home, and isolation, 2022 now brings something refreshing to our lives and our wardrobes too.

It’s all about the last fashion trends that you’ll love to hear about. If we look into the past, most of the time, fashion inspirations were usually taken from international runways and fashion magazines. The audience followed supermodels and fancy designer collections, and it was a never-ending competition.


But now, it is the age of social media and influencers.


It is no more only about what the world is following, but we have access to various bloggers-vloggers-stylists to see what’s cool and fresh in fashion.


What’s New in the 2022’s Fashion?


It is not wrong to say that the fashion trends put forward in 2020 - 2021 were of very little help. They were mostly not adopted by the general public because who cares if you are just staying at home, and that’s it. But there was a great change.

The minimal settings the fashion industry went through in 2020 and 2021 have brought comfort over everything. The past two years had fabulous social media-driven digital trends & aesthetic clothing. Most of them were focused on aiming to lift you up from the depths of quarantine and make you feel refreshed.


And now, as compared to the neutral looks of 2021, this year showcases some bolder colors, mixes, and matches of various trends, bringing up the ideas from the past decades and more. So, here’s to this year’s HOT fashion trends to look up to!


Matching Sets



The co-ords are popular for their style and ease. Heading to the gym, wear them. Going out late at night, try them out. Up for shopping, pull up your matching set, and you are good to go. At this stage, we’ve seen almost every iteration of the trend— be it knit sets, jeggings and t-shirts, shorts and button-down combos, and solid suits. Matching sets give you a stylish look and can work for any occasion. And yeah, they’re just as cute as you’d think.





Corsets are being loved by people worldwide, and they’ve been in fashion for quite a long time now – and amazingly, they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. While getting one for yourself, you can style them as they used to be in the retro times or as you wish. Try out a wide variety of bustier tops. They look classy yet romantic if you are on your way to impress someone.


Top-to-Toe One Color:



Solids. Solids. And more solids.

You’d forget about the tan, neutrals, prints, or classic creams. The year 2022 is all about an explosion of all things bright. The fashion trend gained popularity when the Models walking for Christian Dior and Versace were seen in a top-to-toe single color that really makes a statement. Your favorite color can actually be your style statement.

What’s better than that?

The fashion trend is not only for the runways, but now it’s time for us all to boost our mood with bold hues. If you don’t feel like dressing up in one pop color, try wearing bright accessories with your dress.

“Fuchsia pink and Kermit-the-frog green compliment all skin tones, so why not try a suit that will take you from day to night effortlessly,” says Paula Varsalona - The designer and manufacturer of the Paula Varsalona Group


How to keep up with the latest fashion trends?


Well, not all of us can visit fashion museums, attend fashion shows, or even go to witness the newest collections of the most-loved designers. Then, what’s the way to stay up-to-date with what’s happening around?

It’s time to do everything online. From getting celebrities’ fashion statements to what’s new at ZARA, FAYVO helps you at every step. It starts with inspirations that later become who you are – and FAYVO loves to see you flaunting your next outfit. So, give it a try and see how the FAYVO app does wonders for you!

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Bold Stripes: 



Read between the lines this year and go with bold stripes instead of prints. It looks chic, and you feel more confident wearing it. On your next outing, try out a striped jumper, wear striped pants with a solid shirt, or either way, you like to wear them. It is one good hit for the average height ladies because vertical stripes make you look slimmer and lengthen your figure. In summers, try pastel colors.

Pro-tip: If you are going for the monochrome stripes, accessorize yourself with color to pack a real punch.


Platform Shoes:



Add an extra height boost to feel extra powerful. Shoes play a big role in defining your style statement. Whether it be via thick clogs, boots, sneakers, joggers, or even flip flops, every retailer and designer has made their own fashionable version of stilts. The best part about the summers and spring is the versatility that we can try in the footwear. Unlike other shoes that go with a particular look, platforms go with everything.


Skirt Suits:



Seen it on the runway, and now it is everybody’s favorite. Skirt suits are all glam and classy. Also, pair it up with literally anything. Drag up mom’s old corporate uniform from the ’80s, alter it, and give it a 2022 twist. If you’re buying a new one, try playing with textures and patterns to modernize the silhouette.