Pack your bags. We’re going on a vacation!

That’s what an effective travel app should make you feel. The right travel app or website should activate that travel bug in you with all the excitement and happiness and should take the burden off your shoulders.

So, as we all have travel plans for summers and apparently, we do overthink the itineraries, hotel bookings, flight schedules, and lots of other things, we need a helping hand.

Before that, as we all know that FAYVO always thinks of the best of the best, so how to choose the best travel app for planning and sharing itineraries? Let us tell you.

How to Identify a GOOD Travel Website/App?


For a travel site or an app, first of all, the easy-to-understand design is a must-have. It should be clean, clear, and straightforward for people to use it in the right way. The website or the app layout establishes trust in the longer run.

Plus, beyond serving as a trustworthy source of inspiration, a good travel site should be informative enough, so that would-be travelers can find their desired results. From planning to booking, and sharing experiences, an ideal travel app should have it all.

When FAYVO came into existence, it was first thought to be a social app only, but with time the recommendations feature got a stronger hold and the wanderers' community got each other’s back in finding and suggesting worth-visiting places.

With FAYVO, we have other choices for travelers too. There are different applications for different types of travelers, so here we go with the worth trying options:

The Best Trip Planner Apps for Travelers:


Crafting a trip itinerary can be both exciting yet confusing and overwhelming. It includes hotel accommodations, flight bookings, worth-visiting places, and so much more. Therefore, it might be exhausting to keep everything under control and organized.

For that, we are today talking about several apps to answer your questions. These travel-friendly apps will help you discover the right places to go and organize your day-by-day itinerary in one handy place.

Sygic Travel:


It is the equivalent of hiring a personal tour guide on your vacation. The app creates a fully customized trip itinerary for you. It's one of the most useful apps that you need to use once to believe how easy and fun it makes your trip.

The Sygic app works intelligently. All you have to do is enter where you're going and for how many days. Based on the information provided to the app, it will create a comprehensive travel plan of the top attractions in that place, along with where you should go on which day.

It creatively combines nearby attractions together and also (one most amazing thing) mentions the timings of those places. Thus, it takes away the stress of choosing where to go, and in what order.

Sygic uses advanced technologies like GPS giant TomTom for its mapping and points of interest, so you can rest assured that the information is up to date. Once your trip itinerary is generated, you can access it offline as well, which makes the app much more convenient in a foreign country.



Trippy is a Pinterest-like app that works for you in planning trips that have tie-ins to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The app helps people in getting connected with like-minded people to seek travel tips from their connections. You can find adventure lovers here and other travel enthusiasts who have traveled to places you’re considering going to.

The travel app, Trippy, offers itinerary-planning tools with social features. The interface looks neat, clean, and almost like Pinterest with a visual grid of what it calls "travel boards.” Within the app, you can see the beautiful image collections from the locations and places you like or have visited.

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Skratch is your ultimate travel buddy that will keep you hassle-free on the overall journey. It is the app to make your travel simpler. All you have to do is to create your Skratch map and the app will instantly show you all the countries you’ve been to in the world.

It is like pinning your travel photos right on the face of the map. Have you ever wondered if it to be this simple when you can just paste all your travel photos & videos directly on the map? 

Share your favorite travel photos with Skratch. The app makes you relive your best memories by country. There is a lot more like tracking your achievements and marking the progress towards unlocking world regions. With that, you can share your travel ideas and experiences right there with friends via a map on social media. This is a great companion app for travelers who love to keep their friends updated on the activities they do.



Planning on a cross-country road trip? Roadtrippers is the app for you! Not everyone is fond of waiting long hours at the airport while sitting through your red-eye flight. Hit the road with your friends instead.

Roadtrippers provides everything you need to know on your road trip. Just enter your starting point, and destination, and let the app do its work for you! From camping sites to rest stops, outdoor activities, and exciting adventures along the way that you didn’t know existed. This app is the perfect buddy for your road trip regardless of your mode of transportation – a sedan, a rental car, or a huge family RV.



Most of us leave the idea of traveling after overthinking every single detail like, where to stay, what to do, how to find the right hotel, places to eat, and adventures to try. We mostly rely on recommendations and suggestions and yes, the tour guides. That’s where TripAdvisor turns out to be your savior.

The app TripAdvisor has something for everyone. It has millions of travel recommendations on hotels, top dining spots, must-do experiences, worth-trying adventures, and treasured gems to over 8 million destinations by your side. It is a true helper in the foreign land that lets you book tables at restaurants and compares low prices on hotels and flights. It is best to follow friends and travel experts for advice that matches your interests. Moreover, double the fun by sharing your experiences, reviews, and helpful guides for other users too!

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Just like Trello boards are an excellent way to visualize your tasks, TripTrip works best for your travel plans. It makes the hectic trip planning a lot simpler by creating grids of all the pending tasks. The visual explanation holds all the 10 marks out of 10 for the app.

These boards are then broken down by day. If you book your hotel for the first day, it will automatically update as the hotel for all days, saving you the trouble of adding it each time. It is an app getting popular in recent years and is known for its smart search and recommendation engine.

It is pretty straightforward. You can add items like restaurants, landmarks, museums, nightlife, and anything you like. The cards are movable and that’s how making changes in the plan is quite easy too.  



The app is mainly used to book flights, but it will also take care of all your basic travel bookings. From managing travel itineraries to reserving flights, hotels, car rentals, and even activities and tours, the app gives you a helping hand. Also, Kiwi is responsible to provide you with useful information on destinations and even airports, telling you how to find lounges, currency exchangers, ATMs, and luggage storage during a long layover.

It is fairly simple to use. Users can choose from round-trip, one-way or multicity itineraries. If you’re looking for inspiration, use the special Nomad feature. This way, you can identify the flight itineraries mapped out for you in packs, like the Tour Europe option. Here you can find budget-friendly options as well. There are packages like three to five nights in Amsterdam; three to five nights in Barcelona; and three to five nights in Paris, among others. Try it out!



As mentioned many times before, TripIt is one of the best travel apps for travel lovers. It just declutters your itineraries and documents by keeping them organized in one place without you even worrying about it. The app provides a 360-degree solution to all your travel needs. From making reservations to booking accommodation, you can sync everything within. The app lets you view travel confirmations, flight itineraries, tickets, hotel and Airbnb booking info, transportation details, ferry tickets, and driving directions without ever leaving the app.

They have a comprehensive integrated system that manages everything on its own. Moreover, with the TripIt app, you can share your trip plans with friends and family. So, whoever is picking you up from the airport or train station, or anyone else who may need to coordinate with you or know what your travel plans are, can be on the same page as you. The app has a free version and a premium version as well. With the pro version, you can have real-time flight alerts, security wait times, baggage claim info, and updates on the loyalty program.