It's true: we're living in a golden age of technology and advancement.

While many of the best English TV series have been released in the past few years, from character-driven series to English web series, sci-fi movies, fantasy shows, and thrillers, we have seen a lot of binge-worthy options in every genre.

Therefore, we are here once again with the best English TV series to watch before your summer break end. For further help, FAYVO is always at your service – from organizing your movie collection to sharing recommendations with friends, we have got your back.

For now, we've made a list for you. You're just supposed to watch one episode, but once you start streaming it and realize how interesting it is, you've been sitting for hours and are at the end of the season already.

That's how addictive good English TV shows are. 

So, let's get started.



This is one of the best English series to watch when you are in a light mood. It is a steamy and colorful series derived from romance novels. The story revolves around the Bridgerton family of siblings and their journey to find love. The twists are added by an anonymous gossip columnist in town named Lady Whistledown, who reports the scandals and triumphs of 18th-century life.



Starstruck is a fun movie that speaks about the mixes of the end-of-twenties twitchiness of Girls with a hilarious plot. The story is about Jessie, who bumps into a guy on a New Year's Eve. After having a conversation, and one thing after the other, they end up at his place. In the morning, though, she realizes that the guy is a mega-famous film star and she, as her flatmate puts it, is "just a nobody." It's really, really fun to watch the story between these two.

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This English web series is about five teenage criminals. They are sentenced to community service, but their lives are totally changed when they gain supernatural powers in an electrical storm. With the positive energy, there are also evil forces on the loose. These youngsters then fight to protect their town. Being a teenager is less of a superhero thing and more of self-doubt because being a teenage hero just got ten times more complicated.

The Crown:


It is one of the top web series in English that shows us Queen Elizabeth II's reign. It is more like a drama surrounding her family during the 20th century. The story is not historically accurate, but it is close to reality. Although, the regal decor, the heavy ensembles, and the soap opera-esque plotlines add more to the beautiful screenplay and make it a really good TV show to watch.



Skins TV show has received mixed reviews from the audience worldwide, but still, it is considered one of the U.K.'s most amazing teen dramas. It is about the youngsters' lives, which shows the journeys of several teens who reside in Bristol, South West England. The show highlights many social issues, including bullying, substance abuse, mental issues, and sexuality. Fans have also marked it as one of the best series to watch in English.

Selling Sunset:


Talking about the best English TV series, you should not miss watching the Selling Sunset. The movie gives you a close look inside the truly insane Los Angeles real estate market. It is a reality show that is about an elite real estate broker whose young, pretty much exclusively female staff specializes in getting homes for the super-rich. A mix of corruption cases and fancy social drama, it's populated by the absolute worst people, but you'll find it hard to turn it off before completing the series.

Better Than Us:


The series is about a reckless robot manufacturer in 2029 Moscow who tries to strike gold and try to replace teachers, care workers, and security guards. He ends up with Arisa, who is a robot, looking just like a Russian supermodel. She kills like a hitman and runs away like a nose in a Gogol short story. The show's premise, plot, and screenplay owe a lot to a ton of classics of the genre, from Her to Blade Runner. But the script is really good and has some really interesting twists and turns on top of the sci-fi tropes. Also, if you are looking for AI filled robotic adventure, stream Better Than Us.

Big Mouth:


This series may seem gross to some but truly an interesting watch. It is one of the best English TV series that is about a wickedly smart and rude cartoon that follows a group of kids and their influential friends. It is a fun watch to enjoy with friends.

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Never Have I Ever:


It is Netflix's witty coming-of-age drama that has captured the audience's attention at once. The series is created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, and it stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. The comedy is loosely associated with Kaling's childhood experiences in the Boston area. It is about an Indian-American teen named Devi, who is growing up in Southern California as Devi goes to high school. A juicy love triangle begins. This cold war is like the renowned Edward vs. Jacob battle and friendships with her two best female friends.

Umbrella Academy:


Get yourselves ready for the thrilling third season of Umbrella Academy, releasing on 22nd June 2022. And before that, binge-watch the first two seasons. This Emmy award-nominated series revolves around a family of adopted sibling superheroes. They have powers like super strength, mind control, telekinesis, etc. These siblings were carefully trained by an eccentric billionaire to fight crime. The newest season resumes from the gang stop at 1963's doomsday. It's an exciting series to must watch with your siblings during summer break.

Stranger Things:


If you love experiencing weird things and seeing how the parallel world comes into existence, this show will keep you hooked. It has been one of the top English TV shows on Netflix since its launch. The fourth season has captured the people once again. It is a story of a group of four adorable, slightly nerdy pre-teens as they face unexpected supernatural activity in their unassuming hometown. The show is a combination of mystery, horror, and strong friendships.

All of Us are Dead:


For the fans of thrill and horror, All of Us are Dead is a great new addition to their favorite series list. If you have seen Train to Busan or Alive, you know South Korea does zombie entertainment right. This new Netflix series isn't like the regular ones but features a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. The TV show is action-packed and filled with emotional scenes, grisly zombie gore, and turning scenes that will make your jaw drop. We are sure you'd complete the 12 episodes in one day.



This one is for the sophisticated professionals who idealize the perfect work-life. Suits follow the lives of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, who are seen working as two successful corporate lawyers. It goes around the work, their legal cases, relationship, and personal lives. You'd find yourself solving different cases, which can sometimes turn serious or violent. So, that's why the show is also rated as mature.

13 Reasons Why:


Dedicated to the social issues, mental health, and societal pressure; 12 reasons why is a series about a high school student, Clay Jensen, and his friend Hannah Baker. Hannah is a girl who takes her own life after suffering from a series of demoralizing circumstances. She got manipulated, blackmailed, and bullied by her fellows at her school. When watching the series, you'd unfold a number of events in the form of a box of cassette tape-recorded by Hannah before her suicide. In the tape, there are thirteen reasons why she ended her life.

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Warning: If you've experienced domestic abuse, this TV show may trigger some of your past events.

Although there is no physical violence and abuse, there are scenes of emotional abuse. It is the story of a wife and a mother who has an abusive husband. She takes away her daughter and files the case against the man, which unfortunately doesn't hold up in court due to lack of evidence. She gets herself admitted into the domestic violence shelter and does every job she can to meet her financial needs. This show aims to portray the painful reality of emotional abuse victims and the lack of support for them.

Squid Game:


Who doesn't know about Squid Game? Still, if you haven't watched this amazing Korean-originated drama, watch it now. Based on the concept of Hunger Games, Battle Royale, or Belko Experiment-style stories, Squid Game is another hit. It is about the financially struggling people who accept a strange invitation to compete in seemingly innocent games with a tempting prize at the end. Just a small catch: Elimination means death.