With thousands of options available to us for entertainment and fun, a few are really good ones. Not saying the other ones are bad, but different TV shows are for different types of people. Streaming websites like Netflix offer a high volume of captivating content, so figuring out your next TV series can be quite time-taking.

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With the nonstop releases of engaging content, TV shows have become an unbeaten source of entertainment. So, here we are with a list of 8 binge-watching TV series that you should start streaming tonight.

Stranger Things:



Total number of season 4

Total number of Episode 25

With the heavily-appreciated fourth season, Stranger Things has captivated fans' attention once again. It is one of the outclass sci-fi horror series that is about three friends and the mysterious things happening around them. These trouble-prone misfits of Hawkins, Indiana, are being loved on the screens by the kids and adults alike. The super-hit drama shows a girl named Eleven. She has the extra-ordinary psychokinetic powers and comes into the small fictional town shortly after local boy Will Byers disappears. Eleven and Will's close-knit pals then make efforts to track him from a frightening alternate dimension known as "the upside down."





Total number of season 2

Total number of Episode 16

Who loves the royal scenes, the mystical sceneries, and regal outfits? Well, most of us would love to experience those glittery times. Bridgerton is another addictive romance series to binge-watch right now. It is adapted from the popular book series by Julia Quinn. In the series, you meet Bridgertons. They all belong to an affluent families among London's elite. Their eldest daughter is trying to find a suitable husband while the other siblings try to fit into society. Overall, the extravagant costumes and escapism of 19th-century England would keep you hooked.


The Witcher:



Total number of season 2

Total number of Episode 16

One of the most popular, Netflix's fantasy series "The Witcher" follows monster-hunter Geralt of Rivia and his destiny connected to Princess Ciri. Fans of the dark fantasy would enjoy watching the Cavill's praiseworthy performance. With its cold dialogues, monster violence, and combination of various timelines, the series sometimes feels more like a mashup of video game cutscenes than a cohesive dramatic narrative—but it's worth binge-watching.





Total number of season 4

Total number of Episode 44

People who love to solve mysteries and get involved in them would love the series Ozark. Yes, this TV show can be a bit slow at times, but it's very intense. The story is a bit undirected, but it is super hooking. Jason Bateman leads the main character, and he does a great job in this serious role. The story is about a financial adviser who drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, and then the thrill begins!




Total number of season 8

Total number of Episode 170

Superhero TV shows are a must-watch because not only Spiderman and Superman was worth taking your time, but others can also make you think about the endless possibilities in this world. When Arrow was released, it was considered a big risk. The series is about a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who returns to his corrupt city with a secret vigilante identity. The mission is then to right the wrong.


Breaking Bad:



Total number of season 5

Total number of Episode 62

The TV series gained immense popularity right after its release. Breaking Bad goes around a cancer patient who is also a mild-mannered chemistry teacher. He begins cooking drugs in hopes of leaving enough money behind to take care of his family. With time, he gets sucked into the bad world and turns out to be a full-fledged drug lord.


Behind Her Eyes:



Total number of season 1

Total number of Episode 6

This Netflix thriller is none like the other ones, where you see mysteries getting solved. Behind Her Eyes follows a single mom who has an affair with her boss. The series is full of twists and turns that you'll be surely saying, "Wait, what?!" The show is super addictive, and you won't be able to resist watching the entire absurd thing just to see how it ends.


The Crown:



Total number of season 4

Total number of Episode 40

Extravagant! It is the one perfect word to describe the production values of The Crown's drama. The series is about the British monarchy. Presenting the initial life of Queen Elizabeth, The Crown shows a powerhouse performance from Claire Foy. The theme goes with the grand workings of historical events from deep within Buckingham Palace. Audiences loved the popular figures like Winston Churchill, Princess Margaret, Margaret Thatcher, and more. When watching the TV show, people said that they saw the highest cinematic sophistication.