Top 10 Unusual Restaurants Around the World

Whenever we are happy, we plan to celebrate it with good food, whenever there's an event, we all talk about food, or even if there's any get-together, it is incomplete without having a feast at a good place. So, people and food are very closely connected, and therefore, we all are always looking for more and more options in food. FAYVO gives you unlimited recommendations over fine-dining and best things to eat, but this time we are presenting you a list of the most unusual restaurants in the world.


Whether you are trying to find and search for "unusual restaurants around me" or anywhere around the globe, we have done the research for you. From bringing the most adventurous places in the Middle East to offering the best Netflix movies, we have got everything prepared for your entertainment.

So, let's read below to know about some crazy, unusual restaurants in the world that are simply unforgettable.


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Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

If you wish to enjoy food at a good height, visit Vertigo restaurant in Bangkok. It is located at the top of a skyscraper and is part of the Banyan Tree Hotel. With mesmerizing views up in the sky, you'd love the delicious food here. Featuring a great Sky Bar with an elongated deck, this is one of the most amazing unusual restaurants to have a lifetime experience. Visit and enjoy a floating feeling while consuming a cocktail.


The Grotto, Rayavadee, Krabi, Thailand

This eating spot is also known as Cave Dining because the restaurant is located in a limestone cave on Phranang Beach. It is one romantic place to try as it is part of the luxurious Rayavadee resort. You can go to enjoy fresh, delicious food, charming ambiance, and impressive environment. Their popular dish is seafood barbecue. While having your meal, you can't take your eyes off the surroundings. Also, you can feel soft sand under your feet and admire a beautiful view of the sea.


Fortezza Medicea Restaurant, Volterra, Italy

This is one unique behind-the-bars eatery. Here you'll be served your one square a day by actual inmates. You'll have the experience of eating a said meal with plastic cutlery. Or, if you really want to level up the feeling, head to Latvia. There you can pay to sleep in jail and get treated like a prisoner. This is a wholesome experience that you'll never forget.


Twin Stars, Moscow, Russia

If you enjoy chewing Double Mint gum, then you'll enjoy trying a meal at Twin Stars. It is one only restaurant in Russia that exclusively hires identical twins. This is one unique thing about the restaurant. The other great point about this place is its delicious food.


Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for unusual restaurants in Los Angeles, Nevada, you should choose Heart Attack Grill. You'll be surprised here by just walking in the door. It's easy to see why this place is called a Heart Attack Grill when you consider their signature dish is a three-pound, nearly a 10,000-calorie hamburger. The staff gives you a hospital gown when you walk in the door, and this serves as your bib. Not only this, you'll have medical-themed refreshments and shots filled in syringes.


Fish Cafe, Vietnam

You might think this place has a variety of fish dishes that you can count on. But that's not right. It is basically a three-floor coffee shop. The first floor is like the regular eating spots, but moving on to the second and third floor, you'll have floors flooded with ankle-deep water. And this water is filled with swimming fish. They won't harm you in any way. You have to take your shoes off, sanitize your feet and take your seats. The fish will greet you and likely nib at your toes.


Modern Toilet, Taiwan

We are not sure if you'd like to try this one of the most unusual restaurants in the world, but it is very different. It is a toilet-themed eating place where they are obsessed with poop. We aren't kidding. Initially, they were serving ice creams only. That was also in containers shaped like a squat toilet. This humorous spin became viral, and the restaurant got a huge success. When trying this restaurant, they'll ask you to sit on toilet seats instead of chairs, and the food is also made to look like a pile of poop. It is disgusting, but what about trying something very unique this time?


The Rollercoaster Restaurant, Germany

The Rollercoaster Restaurant keeps a great balance between futuristic and inviting, with a touch of sophistication. They are advanced enough to serve food ordered via touchscreen at your table. Once your meal is prepared, it will come to by an elaborate rollercoaster system. As food makes its way to your seat in sealed metal boxes on wheels, LED lights to start to blink. These lights show the progress of your meal placed on the giant rollercoaster.


The Safe House, United States

The Safe House is a mysterious yet interesting place to visit in the US. Once you are inside the door, you'll need the password to gain entry to the main restaurant area. However, if you fail to provide the right key, a guard will ask you to perform a fun task for getting past security. Inside, there are many hidden doors, two-way mirrors, and secret labyrinth corridors. It is a worthy experience to try.


The Rock, Zanzibar

Just at a little distance from the idyllic Michanwi Pingwe beach lies The Rock Restaurant. It is one of Zanzibar's most unusual restaurants. This eating spot is located at a risky-looking rock and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. It gives you a memorable experience to sit on the rocks and enjoy a tempting array of local seafood dishes.


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