There are hundreds and thousands of book lovers out there in the world. They all live in different regions, but they have one thing in common – their never-ending love for books!

Well, other than that, every individual reader is different in his own way. While some of them like to finish a novel in one night, some others prefer reading books only written by their favorite authors, whereas there are some bookworms who are committed to reading only books of popular series.


How to spot different types of readers?

Well, go to the bookstore, visit a library, or just look around in your friends' circle; you'll see readers of every kind. From the nerds who are trying to grab the latest bestsellers to those who are loyal to a small group of authors. All of them have their own preferences, habits, and quirks.


At FAYVO, we have always been thinking about our special readers, and therefore, we bring tons of interesting recommendations for you. So, if you're trying to decide what kind of reader you are, let's read down below. We have created a list of a variety of readers and their traits.


Which one do you relate to the most?


The Reading Rainbow

These are the readers who leave their mark on every turning page. If you like pointing outlines on your reading material, whether with sticky note tabs or highlighters, it's you!

It helps most of the readers remember the note-worthy lines of the book. From favorite characters to meaningful quotes, their book pages are colorful. Yes, it is a smart way to highlight the best parts and notes scribbled in the margins so, when you look back, you already know what's the most exciting part.


The Fickle Reader

They are the people who can't stick to one single read and get bored very easily. People who have very thrilling personalities are usually such types of readers. They need climax at once, and that's it; move to the next book.


The Fickle Reader might have a little bit of everything on their reading list. Once they start reading a book, they have trouble seeing the job through. It's also seen that you can build a fort out of all the half-read books they have lying around the house.


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The Series Junky

This type of book reader is only committed to reading different parts of the same book. Be it Harry Potter, Twilight, or Game of Thrones; they will pick their next read from the series of books. They not only finish every book at hand, but they can't even stand the thought of reading a standalone book.


And when they hear about another volume coming out, they get set and ready themselves to buy it at their earliest.


The Hoarder

Most of the readers fall into this category. The Hoarder is one who loves to keep books with them. They not only love reading interesting books but also wish to have a grand library of their own. It doesn't mean all of these books are being read by them, but they also have a craze of piling plenty of unread books.


The Fast Skimmer

These people are not interested in the deep details and want to know the story quickly. The Fast Skimmers tend to investigate a text by speed-reading. Even if they are reading about the teeny tiny details, they don't miss their head with it. They usually try to finish a novel as soon as possible.


Also, such readers sometimes give up on reading, especially when there is an essay or report that has to be written at home.


The Sleepy Bedtime Reader

Do you also feel the urge to read something when you get into your cozy bed? Well, you are not alone. You are one of those sleepy bedtime readers who find happiness in reading very close to their sleep time. Be it a complete book, a few pages, or a few lines; it just comforts them.



Another fact about these readers is that they cannot keep their eyes open and end up waking up with a book on their face and their light still on at 3 a.m.


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Team Hardcover: The Universal eBook Deniers

Though many of us agree with the benefits of reading books online, very few of us actually do this. The REAL readers fall in love with the hard copies of their favorite reads. They want the feel, the smell, and the comfort of crisp pages, and there's no pleasure greater than seeing their treasured stacks of hardcovers and paperbacks piled up around the house.

Yes, you can always find your new reads on FAYVO, but finding them online doesn't mean you have to read them online. Be smart in your process, and trust FAYVO for the next interesting read!