Travel is defined differently by every wanderer. For some people, it is about spending quality time with friends and family, while others count it as a thrilling opportunity or a chance to explore new cultures. While some of us are typical tourists, the rest of us want to explore offbeat destinations and experiences.

Just like we all are different; our preferences are different too.


That’s why team FAYVO offers a variety of content to entertain all of you. With FAYVO, you get recommendations to visit the most adventurous places in the world, the breathtakingly beautiful regions, and socially-distant destinations to have fun and peace. Having dissimilar tastes in choosing the vacation, a lot of our likes and dislikes inform the type of traveler we eventually become.


Why do we need to identify our travel type?

The most benefitting reason is that it helps you find compatible travel partners who share similar interests. Everyone is a traveler, and there are thousands of people who call themselves ‘travel enthusiasts,’ but with whom you vibe and enjoy more, they are hard to find.

So, below we have different types of travelers. Let’s see in which category you fall!

The Nomad:



These are the most unpredictable people out for traveling. They prefer following what their heart and mind say. The Nomads don’t have any reservations, bookings, planning, or checklist. They love to take surprises and go with the flow. They love being connected to the locals and often extend their vacation if they love a particular place more.


The Adventure Seeker:



With unmatched energy, these travelers love to explore unusual things. They are adrenaline junkies, and they travel far and wide in search of their next adventure. From scuba-diving to mountain-climbing and bungee jumping, they love doing dangerous yet exciting activities. If you are one of those people who don’t enjoy relaxing at the beach or exploring the nearest museum in-depth, you are one of them.


The Nature Explorer:



Some people love to appreciate mother nature in different areas of the world. Sometimes, they admire the beautiful wildlife, and the other time, they are getting amused by the creativity of God. These people select destinations that let them savor the abundance of nature. Away from the malls and buildings, they visit hill stations, mountainside locations, and all the places that would bring them closer to nature.


The Photographer:



Their life without a selfie at every spot is incomplete. They step out to take millions of photographs from different angles and love to scroll through them later on. They relive the vacation through photos, videos, boomerangs, and time-lapses. Such travelers go out to capture the natural beauty and Instagram them to create beautiful stories. Well, you can now easily share your trip experience with your buddies on FAYVO. Create a box of your recent tour, add photos and videos, and publish it. Do it and find people around you having similar interests.


The Memories Keeper:



They are sophisticated travelers. They are keen observers and love to collect unique things from the places they visit. Be it coins, handicrafts, rocks, or anything usual, they keep them and pack them in their luggage. Sometimes they just wander around in order to gather up uncommon experiences in out-of-the-way places. Once getting back home, they save all the souvenirs together.


The Foodie:



There are food lovers, and they can resist trying different cuisines while traveling. They usually travel the world in search of delicious food. With new places come new dishes, various tastes, and different cultures. Irrespective of the destination, they are sure to be never disappointed with their choice of food or eateries.


The Shop-a-Holic:



Like the memory keepers, these are the fashion-loving vacationers who visit different parts of the world seeking new fashion and trends. Most of the people in this category love exploring Paris, France, Spain, and Milan as these are the hubs that attract most of the experts and professionals from the fashion industry.


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