Planning to travel to your dream trip takes a lot – from packing to bookings and everything in between. It is undoubtfully an exciting yet overwhelming experience.

When you are looking to explore the world, invest in yourself by escalating your cultural limits, and finally take some time off from work, then why should FAYVO be left behind?

For all our travel enthusiasts and wanderers, we are forever bringing them tips to travel, hacks to find the next destination, ways to share trip itineraries, and more. This time, it’s special and unique because it covers EVERYTHING!

Today, FAYVO is talking about all those useful sites and apps that you may need on your next dream vacation. After all, you want everything perfect, on point, and hassle-free.

Be it a first-time journey to Europe, an adventure trip, or a rejuvenating tour, you’d definitely be covered with these handy apps on your phone.

What are these websites and apps useful for?

Before we read the details, here are a few dimensions in which you can get help from the following travel apps. They assist you in:

    - Finding Destinations

    - Looking for Accommodations

    - Booking Transportation (Flights & Ground)

    - Packing Essentials

    - Understanding Culture & Language

    - Managing Travel Expense

    - Knowing Safety Protocols

    - Getting Travel Inspiration

And for sure, FAYVO never leaves your side.

So, whatever you plan, wherever you go, and whenever you travel, FAYVO will be your travel buddy all the time and you can completely rely on the app to find the best travel recommendations and suggestions. Always!

So, here we go with the best travel info sites and apps, and blogs to inspire, educate, and inform all travel lovers.

Goal: Finding Your Ideal Destination


With the bucket travel list available to you, you can definitely choose your next destination. But wait. Before taking that big decision, first know if it suits your travel style and type.

In this big big world, choose your travel destination wisely. In addition to FAYVO’s smart recommendations system, you can get help from these resources.


It is known as your ‘personal vacation matchmaker.’ The website lets you find the perfect travel destination matching your travel style and preferences. It categorizes places by climate, budget, and entertainment activities. So, know the place before you go!

The website works on your interests and the data you provide. Here you can explore all the events happening in a specific region. From the spring flower exhibitions to the aurora lights shows, it gives you complete details. Other than the events, is a thrill in itself just to browse. Moreover, the platform allows you to connect with other fellow travelers on the road by offering online communities in popular destinations.

Enter your travel preferences and that’s all. Tripzard will take the pain out of your planning. The app crafts and presents ideal vacations for its users, all based on their interests, budgets, activities, and accommodation likings. It's an intelligent idea generator.

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Goal: Getting Accommodation on Tours:


In this age, there are numerous lodging options than we had in the past. From luxury hotels to little huts, it is all you prefer and choose. You can always go and book a traditional hotel anywhere you go. But with prior planning, you can get discounts on vacation rentals, hostels, and homestays. Plus, it is hassle-free!

As the name suggests, the website is all about hotels and presents a wide range of options to choose from. From 5-stay stays to resorts and vacation rental properties, you can find everything in one place. Moreover, you can get crazy discounts and enjoy deals by signing up. is quite popular among travelers and all thanks to its long-standing network of hoteliers.


We all have those last-minute things to take care of. So, maybe you’ve planned your vacation for months now but you didn’t book any hotel and it’s the peak tourist season. But don’t worry, LastMinuteTravel offers deals on hotels on really short notice. Without the app, it would be a huge headache to find the hotel of your choice. So, note it down too.


For all those lazy travelers, who just arrive at the destination and then think about booking a hotel, HotelTonight turns out to be the ultimate savior. The website offers day-of-last-minute deals at top-rated hotels. It has a cool rate-drop feature that lets you book your next accommodation at a lower rate as it knocks down same-day prices after 3 p.m.


AlltheRooms compares and shows all the discounted deals from multiple sites. It is more of a comparison site that presents all the details in one place. There are unlimited options to try. Choose from resorts to hotel rooms, bed & breakfasts, vacation rental homes, apartments, huts, camps, and other fancy accommodations.

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Well, for a more customized experience over your trip, choose Airbnb. With all the rental listings available and the details mentioned in the app, you can smartly choose what is best for you. This popular app also connects you with apartments and homes for rent. If you prefer staying in the igloo, a treehouse, a boathouse, or a gypsy camper, Airbnb has you covered.


For the ultimate home vibes, ditch all the hotel apps and choose HomeAway to book a whole house instead. HomeAway lists apartments, separate houses, small cabins, stay-cation vans, beach houses, and more.


Nowadays, some fancy and glamorous camping is also known as "glamping," and it is a happy option for travelers who love the wilderness as much as we enjoy creature comforts. CampAGlam is one of the most used platforms for this purpose. It has a worldwide directory for luxury campsites. You can easily find listings including tents, tipis, log cabins, camps, treehouses, vintage caravans, and more.


The website is a true representation of community power. By gathering together friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and members of communities you belong to, Horizon lets you find a safe, secure, and right place to stay with someone you trust while you complete your trip.

Goal: Booking the Right Transportation


One of the biggest challenges when traveling abroad is finding and booking reliable and affordable transportation. Most travelers avoid making bookings until the last minute just because it is a big hassle. Well, as FAYVO promises to help you out, so go through the platforms in this blog for finding flights. Also, you can get vehicles that will bring your comfort level up to cruising altitude.


The earlier you book, the better you get. It applies to all air flight bookings, but you can enjoy the best deals on airfare by searching and comparing rates via Airfarewatchdog. The website is comprehensive and gives you many alternatives for flights. You can also set up discounts and compare alerts for deals on flights to your desired locations.


The ones who can compromise on luxury to save money, need to have AllegiantAir. The platform offers low fares; nonstop, all-jet service; and outclass travel services. If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip, it is the way to go with a list of low-cost flights.


It is one of the most helpful and most used sites by travelers. Flightfox is basically a collective room like a marketplace of flight experts dedicated to finding the best deals on airfare for you. According to the user ratings, it’s seen that the savings easily offset the cost of membership, which starts at $49. All you have to do is get a membership that connects you with an expert to organize intricate travel itineraries and ease your travel bookings.

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Goal: Finding the Ground Transportation


Once arrived at the location, who’d know what comes your way and how you have to go witness the place’s real beauty? So, it is always recommended to have a reliable app at your hand to get you the right transportation. Because if you don’t, you’d miss a lot of fun on the way.


For longer tours, where you travel between cities and are not sure if you should fly or drive? Travelmath's Trip Calculator does it all for you. It compares the distance, time, and cost of driving vs. flying to let you know what’s best for you on the trip.


The availability of Uber is expanded to over 60 countries and 400 cities worldwide. So, why not try it out? The Uber app offers cheaper and more reliable driving facilities than a local taxi or cab. Also, it is all getting tracked in your profile, so you can always report a problem (if any).

P.S. Get local suggestions from your driver on the way.

Turo Car Rental:

Turo is a typical rent-a-car service provided to you in more than 56 countries. The unique thing is that it allows you to rent a car from a person instead of a rental company. So, cutting off the company costs, you can choose your desired car type from a wide selection of vehicles. This way, you can have your own car and can skip the lines, and start driving sooner.

Goal: Packing the Travel Essentials


Packing and weighing, unpacking and weighing. We all have been through when our flights restrict us to bring limited luggage on our getaway. So, why not take help from a professional who makes you think smartly about how and what to pack to maximize limited space - And all for free!

The webste has a checklist of all the travel essentials that you will need and may need on the trip. It gives you a handy, printable checklist, so you stay away from the luggage repacking to pack all the essentials. Not only this, but with, you can get the list of luggage restrictions from most of the popular arlines. You can also get some real and practical information on carry-on luggage size and weight, pets, mobility assistive devices, infant seats, etc.


Other than the packing assistance, ExOfficio is becoming quite popular among travelers for its efficient and travel-friendly designs. The platform turned into a brand, that uses lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics with built-in protection from bugs, sun, and water. They also have very good travel gear that’ll make your travel shopping easier.


It is another clothing brand for fashion enthusiasts, who want to look flawless in their trip photos. SCOTTeVEST features awesome clothing with a crazy number of pockets. The stylish pieces are available in different price ranges, but they hold the equivalent of a small carry-on, so they're well worth it. Check out their Daily Sale to get products at a great discount.

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Goal: Understanding Language & Culture


Your plans are all set, your packing is done, and your flights are booked, so now comes the fun of anticipating your trip and preparing yourself for adventure. Before that, use the apps and websites listed below for getting familiar with your destination before you arrive.


This resource gives you a 360-degree understanding of your destination's culture. From knowing the routes and how to get from the airport to the city to finding the delicious local foods, and staying safe, Wikitravel is for sure your buddy in the new land.

Google Translate:

Here comes the universal helper, the savior Google Translator. No matter which country you are in, which culture you are facing, and which language they speak, all you need is an active internet connection to understand and respond to the locals. Type a word or phrase when the assistant asks, and the app will translate it into the language you select.

P.S. It’s good luck that Google Translate works with over fifty different languages.


The resource lets you know and understand different cultures and their etiquette. To avoid any kind of embarrassment in the city you are arriving, you need to know the do's and don'ts of their culture. Study up on your flight or before you take off to blend in wherever you go.

Commisceo Global:

This website holds a huge database of cultural information from over 80 countries. There are languages, beliefs, religions, etiquettes, events, cultural practices, and food details. Choose your desired destination and get set ready for the dream tour.

Goal: Travel Budgeting


Don't let your little money keep you from exploring the world. From winning free airline miles to cutting off all the extra costs, the following websites and apps suggest how to make travel more budget-friendly and fun.

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Barclay Card:

If you wish to fly free then keep using Barclay Card. It is used by tourists all over the world to cover their travel expenses. With Barclay Card, air travel becomes quite budgeted.

Google Voice:

By using Google Voice, you can easily and smartly avoid international rates on calls with Google Voice. Google’s app gives a free hand in making and receiving calls abroad.

Goad: Staying Safe on Travel

The thought of COVID-19 is still not removed completely, sometimes holding people back from traveling. And it is a smart move to consider taking safety precautions.

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The Last Note: Happy Trails to You

With the top travel recommendations in FAYVO and a handful of travel websites at your disposal, we hope you’ve got something useful out of it. Your every trip should be fun, entertaining, and adventurous, but not stressful.

So, now go out and explore!