Superhero movies are quite popular these days. With the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home, everyone wants to remember their favorite heroes and movie characters. With that, we are here today to recall the record-breaking memories of Wonder Woman. It's been four years now since the media has been talking about the Wonder Woman box office records.

Wonder Women, with the lady lead in the genre, set the expectations quite high with its debut. It was hoping to change the mindsets that superheroes can be female too, and the team brilliantly did it with a female lead, female director, a superhero origin story, and creating a summer blockbuster.

Right after the release, Wonder Woman box office breaking records surprised everyone. There were plenty of questioners, which is quite normal for a superhero film, but after just three days in theaters, it was safe to say that the doubters should be few and far between today.

Let's go to the trailer:

Release date: June 2, 2017 (USA)

Director: Patty Jenkins

Box office: 822.3 million USD

Film series: Wonder Woman

Awards: Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Action Movie, Empire Award, & more.


About the Movie

Wonder Woman belongs to the sci-fi and fantasy genre and holds a number of delicate balancing acts. It gives you action thrills, humor shots, angst, and adventure. While streaming the movie, you are full-blown with the unmatched superhero fantasy. The most impressive parts are the scenes between Steve and Diana over whether the Ares myth is real and whether the histories of gods, Amazons, and magical hidden islands have any room in the modern world.

Wonder Woman had to be strong enough to fight and yet win over the enemies, despite being too beautiful to be hated. While the opposite characters in the movie have a strong urge to treat Diana as just another strikingly beautiful woman, and they are seen making efforts to protect her, sideline her, and politely diminish her - amazingly, she is in no way willing to be diminished. She represents one strong independent figure, making her choices, fighting on her own, and being hardcore. While Steve tries to control and contain Diana, and she shrugs him off and does whatever makes sense to her instead.


The Positives

We finally have a female superhero worth the name

One big reason why Wonder Woman breaks box office records is also the name. With plenty of series with Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, etc., we had all MEN as superheroes. With Wonder Woman, now we are seeing a WOMAN saving the world at her best. The word 'hero' is actually not a gendered connotation anymore. So, it was the first time we've had a female superhero who is as strong, powerful, and cool as the guys.


Wonder Woman is really, really cool.

People may be questioning the ultra-short skirt and the torso molding 'armor' of Wonder Woman and counting it as a reason for male fantasy, but honestly, that's super cool. The tight clothing is pretty much de rigueur for the superhero genre in general, so no bad words are accepted here. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman does a superlative job. She is brave, confident, strong, powerful, compassionate and capable, and seriously cool. When she shows her unusual superhero movies and beats up the baddies, we just want to stand up and cheer!


She is a Superhero who knows self-doubt.

Apart from all the superhero qualities, Wonder Woman box office records are breaking due to its great story. She has all the powers, yet she has moments of doubt. The movie decries war and sends across a strong anti-war message while celebrating the core of human goodness.


Smashing Box Office Records in the Pandemic Era!

Wonder Woman 1984 is still on the super hit movies list and is counted as one of the biggest openings of the face-mask era. Providing an estimate, the movie has crossed $16.7 million in its North American debut. The $200 million superhero thriller posted the most robust box-office returns of any new release since the onset of the pandemic. Wonder Woman movie topped expectations no matter which way you look at it.


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