Nature has many secrets some are known to us and some are yet to be revealed.

In the year, 2022, places are supposed to be accessible and open. When people are reuniting with their loved ones, exploring new destinations, and traveling around the country they live in and even between countries; they don’t expect a hurdle to be in their way.

However, there are places in the world that are hidden or you may say secret, or still unknown to the people. These secretive places are not only those away from the tourists but these may be the places that are just hard to reach. Some of such spots are even so secret that even the locals do not know about them.

But the beauty lies in exploration and usually, the most alluring things in life are those that are off-limits.

From the underground lakes to the hidden waterfalls, off-the-beaten-path picturesque towns, and beautiful views, the planet EARTH is full of surprises and secret places. And FAYVO loves to know about them.

While FAYVO creates a community of travelers and wanderers, we feel the urge to find out the mysterious, yet highly-secured places on the globe, for our followers to see and explore. It’s time when you ask your friends and fellows to take the risk, get out of the usual tours and go on a hunt to see the places visited least by the audience.

So, prepare yourself for a mind-blowing journey to the most hidden and breathtaking places in the world. Here we go!

Berchtesgaden, Germany


Berchtesgaden National Park is an extremely beautiful and pretty place to witness. After completing 250 km of hiking trails, crossing pristine turquoise lake water, and going through gorgeous peaks, you reach this secret place. It is one of the top-secret destinations in Germany and holds its uniqueness due to its least visited area.

This national park is located right next to Germany’s border with Austria. It is a region full of the most beautiful landscapes in Bavaria. While most of the visitors don’t come to this height because of the effort and prefer traveling to the Black Forest, the Swiss Alps, or the center of Europe, this amazing national park is overlooked. So, in your net tour to Germany, mark this place as a must-visit spot and be among those very few travelers who get a chance to enjoy a picnic by Lake Konigssee. For adventure lovers, it is a chance to try to summit Watzmann, located at 2,713 meters for breathtaking views of the valleys, and untouched wild nature.

The Forest Lake, Russia


Many tourists tried to reach this hidden Forest Lake, and it will be your luck that you found the location of this beautiful place as the actual location of this mysterious place is still unknown. It’s not like something scary associated with this lake but because it is positioned under the really dense forest of Russia.

The photographs over the internet are from drone and airplane shots. When it was first captured by a wildlife photographer, the locals were surprised to know about this hidden place too. Adventurers and travel lovers can try finding this place through the dense forest. If you are successful, it would be a great victory, but if you don’t, it would be a fun experience. Go for it!

Snake Island, Brazil


The island is terrific because of the wildlife presence in it. To locate it, visitors used to go for about 100 kilometers off the coast of São Paulo. Theoretically, the island might seem the ideal exotic spot to experience the beauty of nature, but in reality, the place is uninhabited for decades due to its hold by the deadly snakes.

The snake island is now completely invaded by lethal snakes and their population is increasing very rapidly. There are between one and five snakes per square meter, and if that isn't terrifying enough, it's worth noting that the snakes that live here are one of the most venomous in the world. The world’s deadliest creatures including the Golden Lancehead viper can reach up to half a meter in length and, with a strong, fast-acting venom, can dissolve the flesh around its bites.

For this reason, the Brazilian government has forbidden visiting the island to the public. According to the research and studies, there are roughly 4000 snakes living on this 110-acre land. So, it's better to keep this place out of the reach.

Garnet Ghost Town, Missoula, Montana


Though it has a brief history the town is mysterious and a puzzle for the locals as well. Montana is also known as a mining town. By 1905, most of the area mines had been abandoned and only a fragment of Garnet’s population remained.

It was said there happen to occur paranormal activities and even today, visitors can amble through abandoned shops and houses, and gaze into the void of mine shafts littering the woods. Garnet Ghost Town seems old-fashioned on the surface, but there are some real supernatural things roaming out there. The town's ruins are located about an hour’s drive outside of Missoula, Montana. And it is free of cost to visit and stay, but nobody dares to stay there.

The Cave of the Hanging Snakes, Kantemo, Mexico


Another secretive yet dangerous place on planet Earth is the cave of hanging snakes. It is also known as Mexico’s Cueva de las Serpientes Colgantes. The giant cave is infested with a unique population of rat snakes that have taken to living in the ceiling.

Many popular travel channel hosts have tried going there to record the experience but only a few got success. Ramy Romany, another very adventurous wild-life report, found himself navigating the Cave of the Hanging Snakes, and was horrified by the experience. He said, "I have an Indiana Jones-level of fear of snakes, and I was shaking in there, for real." This secret place is located 177 miles southwest of Cancun. It can also be reached by car from Kantemo in about 2 hours of drive.

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Trummelbach Falls, Switzerland


In the valley where the beauty lies, there we get to see 72 waterfalls. Most people might think, how are these waterfalls hidden till now, so let us tell you the reason. The Trummelbach Falls can be seen after crossing a number of great waterfalls, due to which it is quite a hassle for tourists to reach there. For its inaccessibility, it is known to be one of the top-secret places in Europe. The Trummelbach Falls consist of 10 glacier-fed waterfalls in Switzerland and it never stops. It is fed by melting water from Eiger and Jungfrau.

If you have the spirit to really see the beauty, you have to go past the mountains to admire these secret waterfalls. Be sure to be dressed in clothes that will protect you from the freezing waterfall drips.


Mount Weather, Virginia, US


This one is a forbidden place for the public, due to the sensitive operations running inside Mount Weather. There is a secret underground Military Base, in Virginia and it is embedded inside a Mountain. No, this isn’t a part of any James Bond movie but is a real place.

Mount Weather is also known as the Emergency Operations Center and is located just 74km from Washington DC. While having a look at it, it looks like a highly-secured fortress. It is built to keep all the highest levels of the U.S government in case of any national disaster. It was constructed back in the Cold War era and back in time, Mount Weather was run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Previously, the primary purpose of these strong walls was to protect not just high-level American politicians, but also some of the US’s national treasures, including the art currently in the National Gallery.

According to the reports, Mount Weather is said to be the “Perfect place to go if there was an Apocalypse.”

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Ice Caves, Chile


This place holds a temperature that is not suited for human life and that’s why very few numbers of people are able to visit the massive Ice Caves. According to adventurers and geologists, it is known as the most spectacular ice-marble cave network anywhere in the world.

They are located in Patagonia in Chile, and these mesmerizing ice caves have been formed by continuous action created by water over the past thousands of years. It is not a single cave or two, it is a cave network. The destination is also known as the marble caves due to the unreal formation. If you ever get a chance to visit it, you’d love to keep the memories with you forever. The crystal tortoise water from the lake produces the most beautiful reflection of light, thus, making this a true natural beauty, one that needs to be seen, in order to be believed. It is a magical place to visit once in a lifetime.

List down all the secret places, search about them, discuss them with fellow travelers on FAYVO, and find out where you can go next. It’d be one hell of an experience. Don’t miss it