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Log in to your account

  • Open the Fayvo app
  • Select Log In, Facebook, Google, or Email
  • Choose your preferred method to log in Fayvo
  • Follow the steps to log in successfully

Log out from your account

  • Tap on your profile, and tap on the settings button in the top-left corner
  • Tap Log Out

Use Fayvo as a guest

  • Open the Fayvo app
  • Select Skip & Discover
  • Discover the trends and favorites as guest

Change your email address

You can access Fayvo through your email address, get newsletters about the latest trends, and receive important updates about the app. It’s important to update your email address so you don’t miss out on the trending favorites. It will also help you keep your account and password secure, in case you forget your username or password.

  • Tap on your profile, open settings from the top left corner
  • Tap Change Email
  • Enter the new email address
  • Tap Verify

You’ll get a verification email on your old email address. Verify that you have updated your email and log in with your new one. In case of any problems, contact us.

Remove your account

Remove or reactivate your account by following the instructions below:

  • Tap on your profile and go to settings on the top left corner
  • Tap Remove Account
  • Enter your current password to verify that you want to remove your account
  • Tap Remove

Forgot your password

In case of forgetting your password, you can reset it to log in.

  • Open Fayvo app
  • Tap on Forgot Password
  • Enter your Phone Number or Email Address to verify your account
  • Tap Proceed
  • Enter the Verification Code you receive on your email
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